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Birmingham parking so poor it 'looks like a crash'


You wait all day for a car to park under a bus stop – and then three turn up there all at once.An image of the overcrowded pavement was shared by police in Birmingham who are targeting poor parking in the city.According to a tweet from traffic officers, the cars were parked so badly on Washwood Heath Road on Thursday, onlookers could have been forgiven for thinking there was a crash.Police said the positioning of one of the cars was “dangerous”.

The driver of the “dangerously” parked car, a black BMW that was half on the pavement, half on the road, faces three points and a fine, said the West Midlands force’s traffic division.The registered keepers of the two others have been reported for wilful obstruction.The force is due to launch a campaign cracking down on poor parking in Birmingham next month.
Source: BBC Black Country