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Closed door 'saved man's life' in Bilston flat fire


A man’s life was saved by a closed door which stopped a blaze from spreading, firefighters have said. The flat in Bilston, in the Black Country, was devastated by the fire, thought to have been started by a charging e-cigarette. West Midlands Fire Service said the blaze could have been fatal if the man’s bedroom door had not been closed. Crews from Bilston and Tipton were sent to Willis Pearson Avenue flat at 06:10 GMT. Midlands Live: Woodland body found in missing man hunt; armed police seal off street in stand-offWest Midlands Ambulance Service treated the man for smoke inhalation, before taking him to Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital.

One firefighter based at Bilston station, who did not wish to be named, said: “The owner of the property is a man in his 70s and he is essentially bed bound.”The carers take him to bed at night and he stays there until they come back in the morning.”Fortunately, when they went out, they closed the living room door, which stopped the fire spreading. “If the door had been open, it could have spread into the bedroom.”Had it been open, it could have been a lot worse.” The fire set off smoke alarms at the home, which alerted neighbours who called the emergency services. Investigation teams from West Midlands Fire Service were at the scene and say they believe the fire was started by an e-cigarette which had been left charging in the living room. Firefighters say they believe an incorrect charger cable may have been the cause of the blaze.
Source: BBC Black Country