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Dad delivers daughter on Birmingham dual carriageway


A dad delivered his baby daughter in the car after his partner’s waters broke on a Birmingham dual carriageway.Steven Sandford, who says he is squeamish, had no option when it became clear they would not reach the hospital in time.Daughter Chloe was safely delivered five minutes before paramedics arrived at Collector Road, with an operator giving instructions over the phone.The couple’s other daughter was also in the car during the birth.See more stories from Birmingham and the Black Country here

Mr Sandford, 45, and his partner Joanne Winters, 39, were driving from their Chelmsley Wood home on 27 June when they had to pull over.He said: “It was six in the morning and my partner Joanne was having pains every 10 minutes so I thought I’d take my time. “Next thing you know it’s every four minutes then three minutes. The nurse on the phone said ‘You need to get to Good Hope Hospital straight away’.”Her waters broke in the car so I was panicking; I put my foot down a bit.”

Mr Sandford added: “The nurse said you need to pull over, because Jo was screaming at this point in the car.”I pulled over and then the woman said you need to check if you can see the baby’s head. I could see some hair so I started to panic and sweat.”I said ‘give it one big push Jo’ and she pushed and the baby came out in my hands. “I had tears in my eyes, I couldn’t speak.”

The couple’s other daughter, 16-month-old Charlotte, was in the back seat throughout the dramatic birth.Mr Sandford said: “She sat in the back of the car- we were going to take her to my mom’s but the plan went out the window. It all happened within minutes.”
Source: BBC Black Country