Home news Jaswant Rathore: 'Trusted GP sexually assaulted patients'

Jaswant Rathore: 'Trusted GP sexually assaulted patients'


A GP sexually assaulted female patients in a “gross breach of trust” to “further illicit his sexual desires”.Jaswant Rathore, 60, a “trusted” doctor based in Dudley, West Midlands, allegedly targeted women whom he knew would be least likely to complain.He massaged women’s lower back and buttocks to treat pain and at some points there was penetration of intimate areas, the jury was told.He denies 18 charges of assault and sexual assault between 2008 and 2015.Heidi Kubik, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court that the acts related to eight women and were committed under the cover of either diagnosis or treatment.Midlands Live: Royal engagement: Duchess says US loss is our gain; Election error council ‘needs to restore people’s trust’His actions included licking one patient and grunting in front another as he massaged her, the court heard, and went “way beyond that of legitimate medical treatment”, Miss Kubik added.Mr Rathore, lead doctor at Castle Meadows surgery which he set up in 1986, had a good reputation and was trusted implicitly by his patients.Because of his position the women did not question his actions at the time and were never offered a chaperone for intimate treatments, the court heard.One victim who had pins and needles in her left arm claimed Mr Rathore performed many “manual manipulations”, or massages, on her which developed into him pressing his body weight on her, smelling her hair and pulling her trousers and underwear down. ‘Special techniques’She was allegedly sexually assaulted during other appointments, but he told her she had got the wrong end of the stick and offered her a free prescription.Another woman said she was also sexually assaulted when she saw him while suffering from diarrhoea. Other patients alleged he touched their breasts, thighs and buttocks. One patient said Mr Rathore phoned her late at night one one occasion and another said if she missed appointments, he telephoned her on his personal mobile phone to ask her where she was. Miss Kubik said Mr Rathore, of Ploughman’s Walk, Wall Heath, West Midlands, claimed he had trained in specialist techniques at a hospital’s rheumatology department ,although police found no such training was given in “manual manipulation” techniques.After three charges were brought and the matter became public knowledge further complainants came forward, the court heard.In police interviews, Mr Rathore declined to answer any questions about further offences and denied all of the allegations.
Source: BBC Black Country