Home news Nephew bludgeoned uncle in Italy in dispute over money

Nephew bludgeoned uncle in Italy in dispute over money


A man who bludgeoned his uncle to death in a financial dispute has been jailed. Baldev Kainth, from Birmingham, visited nephew Guarav Kainth, 21, with his wife and daughter, at his home in Naples, Italy last August. Instead of resolving the dispute, Guarav beat the father of three with a metal bar in front of the victim’s daughter.He was sentenced to 14 years and eight months after admitting pre-meditated murder at an Italian court.More updates on this storyStatutory reductions were applied to his sentence – delivered at the Tribunale di Santa Maria Capua Vetere on Tuesday evening – after he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. ‘Somebody killed daddy’In a statement issued through her lawyers Baldev Kainth’s widow, Ranjit Kaur, said: “My family’s lives were totally devastated when our beloved husband and father was so cruelly taken from us.”By murdering him his killer has destroyed our world.”She said her seven-year-old daughter Riya still wakes up at night after dreaming about her father, from Great Barr, and “misses him terribly”.”She saw everything when her father was struck by a metal bar and came running into me screaming, ‘Mummy, somebody has killed daddy!'”She said her husband did not stand a chance and she had hoped Kainth would serve a longer jail term.”As soon as he saw him he struck him over the head with an iron bar. I want to ask him why did he have to kill him. I need to know.”Kieran Mitchell, specialist travel lawyer at Slater and Gordon, said Mr Kainth went to Italy in “good faith” to talk to his nephew but instead was bludgeoned to death.
Source: BBC Black Country