Home news Porsche collides with van and hits nursery in Quinton

Porsche collides with van and hits nursery in Quinton


A Porsche collided with a van before striking a bollard and crashing into a nursery entrance.The car lost control on Hagley Road West in Birmingham and ended up hitting Happy Days Nursery at about 10:30 BST.Owner Nicola Cotton said she had just walked in through the front gate when the luxury car hit. Children were inside at the time but none were hurt.The van driver went to hospital while the Porsche driver refused further treatment.

The 22-year-old was out of his Porsche Cayenne when paramedics arrived and although complaining of chest pain and a cut on his hand, he did not want further treatment, ambulance crews said.West Midlands Police said he was assisting officers with their inquiries.The 63-year-old van driver, who was inside the vehicle at the time, suffered pain on his left side and in his ribs and was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.The nursery had been open since 07:30.

Source: BBC Black Country