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Sion Simon's kidney donation to Labour MP Khalid Mahmood


A prominent Labour politician donated a kidney to one of the party’s MPs, it has been revealed.Khalid Mahmood had previously refused to say who had given him the life-saving donation in 2014.But now the donor has been identified as MEP Sion Simon, a former MP and minister and Labour’s candidate in this year’s West Midlands mayoral election.In a joint interview with the Daily Mirror, Mr Mahmood said he was “hugely indebted” to his party colleague.”It meant being able to live a normal life, which was getting increasingly difficult,” the MP for Birmingham Perry Barr said, adding: “Essentially what Sion did for me, a huge sacrifice on his part, ended up allowing me to have a normal life again.”Mr Simon told the Mirror deciding to become a “living donor” had not been a “terribly difficult decision”.”He was in a very bad way, he needed a kidney,” he said.”It became obvious that he wasn’t going to get one from anywhere else, so it was a relatively easy decision, and I would urge anyone else who has got the opportunity – it’s actually not as a big a deal as you might think.”Mr Mahmood discovered he had chronic kidney failure in 2008 and had to spend four hours a day on dialysis. Speaking to the BBC in 2014 as he prepared to go back to work after the operation, he said he was “at a loss to find the words to say thank you” to the donor – but would not reveal their identity.
Source: BBC Black Country