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Wolverhampton attacker had 'kill or be killed' delusions


A man who killed his sister and stabbed his mother before turning the knife on himself was “voicing delusional ideas”, an inquest has heard.Melvin James had spoken of “a clown that could brainwash him” offering him a choice of “kill or be killed”. He had been in hospital in Scotland in February before the attack at the family flat in Wolverhampton in March,The coroner was told he was discharged into his family’s care without a face-to-face handover by doctors.Ann-Marie James, 33, was found dead at the flat in Leasowes Drive with 17 knife-related injuries on 8 March.A post-mortem examination found Mr James had at least 80 injuries after he turned the knife on himself.

Mr James had been admitted to hospital in Edinburgh after being found by police walking without shoes in the early hours of 4 February. He told doctors he was trying to walk to Wolverhampton.Dr Norman Nuttall, consultant psychiatrist at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, told the inquest at the Black Country Coroner’s Court on Tuesday that Mr James “was voicing delusional ideas”.Dr Nuttall said Mr James believed he was “a character from Transformers” and “referred to his father as Optimus Prime”.Mr James had also spoken of “a clown that could brainwash him” which offered a choice of “kill or be killed”, the inquest heard.He was diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis, and when his condition improved Mr James told doctors his delusions were “rubbish”.Dr Nuttall said the improvement he had been “very happy to suggest that Mr James could be discharged”.

Leon James brought his brother home after he was discharged but said he was not given any notes about his condition.He told the inquest how his brother had started talking about “Transformers and the Illuminati” on the drive back to Wolverhampton.Dr Nuttall said the lack of handover was “unfortunate” and “regrettable”.The inquest continues.
Source: BBC Black Country